Salánki Wine Cellar – The Home of Balaton Wines

(Group Offers from min. 10 to max. 50 pers. at a time booked in advance)

Salánki Family Wine Cellar welcomes wine-lovers, wine-friends longing for leisure and their friends with colourful programmes. Bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse and get to know the marvellous product of Balaton Uplands, matured by two suns – the WINE.
Taste the delicious wines of Tihany Peninsula or the special white wines of Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region. Take part in a tasty wine evening, a wine tour or a plant visit!

Programmes offered

  • Wine tasting consisting of five wines with a visit to the cellar: 2 000 HUF / pers.
  • Wine tasting with 10 wines and snacks with a visit to the cellar: 3 000 HUF / pers.
  • Wine tasting with 10-15 wines and snacks, with museum-piece wines, a visit to the wine museum, cellar visit, snacks, with some bread and fat if requested: 5000 HUF / pers.
  • Wine tasting with hot meal (price depends ont he menu, as agreed in advance): 3-5000 HUF / pers. /+ wine tasting/
  • Wine tasting with cold meal (as agreed in advance): 2-3000 HUF / pers./+ wine tasting

Salánki Family Wine Cellar is happy to help its guests with organising local programmes: sailing, fishing, hiking etc.
Individual guests have the chance to taste the current wines cooled in our Wine Shop for free in case of purchase. Cellar visit, wine tasting is possible only if booked in advance!

Further information and booking by the following contacts:

Salánki Family Wine Cellar

Address: 8241 Aszófő, Tihanyi utca 1.

Phone: +36-87/445-436 Mobil: +36-30/939-5093