18th July: PÁNTLIKA DAY & Musical Night

We welcome young and old to Pántlika Day, the day of Pántlika Wine-cellars Should you have heard of us or haven’t, come down with us to the deep cellar and taste our most delicious wines with our wine-maker. In case you would rather listen to music, take a seat outside near the little fountain and enjoy the music with some snacks and try the local drinks or spiced snacks.

Further programmes: Event calendar of 2015

23 May Musical Night
24-25 May Whitsun, ’Open cellars’,’Whitsun cellar tour’
26 June Musical Night, ’Welcome Summer Holiday for young and old at Pántlika House’
25-28 June Balaton Wine and Fish Feast at Pántlika House
4 July Musical Summer Swarming with Bubi
10 July Musical Night
18 July Pántlika Day and Musical Night
25 July Musical Night
1 August Musical Summer Swarming with Bubi
20 August Wine tasting and Musical Night ’Baking home-made bread a lá Pántlika on the Feast of New Bread’

Price of package: admission is free

Further information and booking:

Pántlika Pincészet

Address: 8244 Dörgicse, Fő utca 67.

Phone: +36-87/444-379

E-mail: dorgicse@pantlikapinceszet.hu